Milan Fire Department

Fire Station


How do I become a firefighter?

We accept applications at any time. Every 18 months or as needed we create an applicant pool to hire from. There is a written and physical agility test each applicant must pass to be entered into the hiring pool. If a position is needed eligible applicants will be called back to interview. If selected the applicant must pass a medical health screening, criminal background check, and a drug test.

Why did a fire engine show up at my house when I called for an ambulance?

Our firemen are cross trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Medical First Responders. If the Gibson Co Ambulance is out of town or on another call the fire department is dispatched to give aid until the ambulance arrives on scene.

While driving what am I supposed to do when a fire engine (or any other emergency vehicle) is approaching with lights/sirens on?

If an emergency vehicle is behind you with their lights/sirens on you should pull your vehicle to the right side of the road STOP and remain stopped until the emergency vehicle passes your location. If you come upon a parked emergency vehicle with it lights on SLOW down, move to the left lane to pass or STOP and wait until told by responders to proceed on.

What hours do firefighters work?

The Milan Fire Department is staffed 24 hours a day. There are three (3) shifts that work two

24-hour shifts and one 8-hour shift each week and the days worked rotate every three weeks.

An example of a three week rotation:

Wed.- work 8hr 4pm-12am, Thurs.-off, Fri.-work 24hrs, Sat.-off, Sun-work 24hrs, Mon.-off, Tues.-work 24hrs, Wed.-off, Thurs.-work 8hr 12am-8am, Fri.-off, Sat.-work 24hrs, Sun-off, Mon.-work 24hrs, Tues.-off, Wed.-work 8hr 8am-4pm, Thurs.-work 24hrs, Fri., Sat., Sun, Mon., Tues.- all these days off and repeat three week rotation.

Why do I see fire engines/firefighters at the grocery store or restaurants?

MFD firefighters work 24 hour shifts so during that time they are allowed to go shopping for their meals or go to the restaurant and eat. Although they are shopping they are ready to respond to calls. That is also why you have probably seen firefighters sprinting from the store on their way to the firetruck.

Why do I sometime see a fire engine drive through a red-traffic-light using their lights/sirens only to turn them off moments later after passing through the intersection?

Each day firefighters respond to many different emergency calls. Sometimes the firefighters are disregarded before they reach their destination. Once they are disregarded they immediately turn off all lights/sirens and return to normal driving practices. 

What type of emergency calls does the Milan Fire Department respond to?

MFD firefighters respond to: medical calls, all variety of fires (structure, grass/brush, car, dumpster, etc…), motor vehicle accidents, HazMat incidents, severe weather incidents, lifting assistance calls, and gas/odor/smoke investigations.

Why do firefighters show up for school/work fire drills?

During a fire drill firefighters monitor the progress of the building evacuation and also get an opportunity to familiarize themselves to the layout of each building during non-emergency conditions.

Does the Milan Fire Department unlock cars?

NO. Only if there is immediate life threating emergency will they unlock it your vehicle, such as a child locked in a car.

Does the Milan Fire Department provide or install smoke alarms?

Yes. The Milan Fire Department received a grant to provide and install smoke alarms. They are free and the fire department will install upon request. For information call (731)686-0441