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Smoke Alarms

The Milan Fire Department was fortunate to receive a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety grant for the purchase and distribution of smoke alarms for the community.  Each year more than 3,000 people die in home fires in the United States; most of whom are in homes without a working smoke alarm.  A properly installed working smoke alarm lowers your chances of dying in a fire.  Having a properly installed and working smoke alarm is like having someone on duty in your home, 24 hours a day to provide early warning of a fire.  Smoke alarms should be installed both inside and outside of sleeping areas and on every level of your home, including basements.  All smoke alarms installed before January 7, 2003 should be replaced.  The Milan Fire Department with the assistance of the Fire Prevention and Safety grant has purchased smoke alarms with 10 year batteries to be distributed FREE to the community and installed by members of the fire department.  The goal of the Department is to ensure that every home has a working smoke alarm.  If you are in need of smoke alarms, or your smoke alarms were installed before January 2003 please contact the Milan Fire Department at 731-686-3996 to request your free smoke alarms and to schedule a time for installation.